The Alps

The Alps

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Walter Poucher has been climbing and photographing mountains for nearly half a century, and is Britain's most famous and most prolific mountain photographer, with some thirty books and many thousands of photographs in book form to his credit. He has worked extensively in the Alps, the Dolomites and the Rockies, both American and Canadian, as well as on all hills and mountains of Britain and Ireland.
During the last thirty years he has visited the Alps every year - sometimes twice a year, for climbing in summer and skiing in winter. From the thousands of studies taken on those visits, he has chosen a hundered of the most beautiful for this, his fourth book in colour. Close-ups of the 4,000-metre summits were taken during helicopter flights, and to secure Poucher's unique shot looking down on the Matterhorn with Monte Rosa in the background, the pilot had to take the helicopter up to well over 5,000 metres.

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