Next Year Country / The Story of Eastern Montana

Next Year Country / The Story of Eastern Montana

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This historical marker sign, titled "Next Year Country," tells the story of Emory, Montana, of which only this abandoned school remains, not unlike many other early day communities in this area.
Eastern Montana was settle early in this centry by immigrants, many from eastern and northern Europe, who homesteaded in this last great piece of open land in the United States, often forming ethnic communities with others from their homeland.
Starting with high hopes, the settlers soon found the land to be marginal and the climate undependable. Some survived, and their ranches and farms and communities prosper today. Others failed, and their communities, like Emory, faded away. Their ghosts dot the Montana landscape today.
Before the sattlers, the Native Americans were here. Cattle drives and the lure of gold brought the first whites. Inevitably there was confilict. The most noted battle of all was fought on the hills above the Little Big Horn, and there were others, often deadly. Eventually, the Native Americans were subjugated.
These events, plus what came after, anf the accounts of many of those who made the struggle, are related here. Reading this should help one understand the eastern Montana of today.
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