National Parks of America

National Parks of America

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Whether it is the awesome scale of the Grand Canyob or the frigid waters of Usle Royale, the subtropic splendor of the Everglades or the bursts of color on the alpine meadows of Glacier National Park, these wonders are some of America's most precious natural resources. In NATIONAL PARKS OF AMERİCA, the parks are presented in a way that showcases their beauty as never before, including such parks as Hawaii Volcanoes and the Great Smokies along with Big Bend, The Redwoods, Yellowstone, and Bryce Canyon. Davis Muench's name has been synonymous with great landscape photography for many years.

The national parks of America have been the crown jewels of our nation's landscape. Muench has created and organized a park-by-park tour of these magnificent places. The images are inspring of often surprise the viewer as familiar scenes are suddenly revealed in new ways. The layout keeps the reader advised as one moves from one park to another without intruding into the flow of images themselves.

The outstanding photographs in this book are accompanied by the insightful text of Stewart L. Udall and James R. Udall, two of the nation's most avid environmentalists. Their words and Mr. Muench's images make the NATIONAL PARKS OF AMERICA a celebration of the country's boundless beauty and grandeur.

After his election to a fourth  term as an Arizona Congressman, Stewart L. Udall was appointed Secretary of the Interior by President Kennedy and continued to serve in that capacity under President Jhonson. Co-author James R. Udall lives in Carbondale, Colorado. A free-lance writer since 1982, he has specialized in the environment and related scientific topics.

From three people who love our national parks and wilderness areas, NATİONAL PARKS OF AMERICA stands as a monument to the spirit of those who have worked so hard to preserve this priceless heritage for the generations yet to come.


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