England in cameracolour: Buckinghamshire

England in cameracolour: Buckinghamshire

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The abiding appeal of Buckinghamshire is not just the beauty and variety of its landscape - all the Home Counties have that - but a pervasive and unique feeling of homely peace of comfort. Is there anything to match the stillness and beauty of beechwoods in high summer? The tranquility of gentle rolling hills, quiet slow streams and cattle standing knee deep in water meadows? Or of mellow brick houses nestling along winding lanes? And despite the inevitable burden of London's over-spill along its southern boundary, the country still retains its image of calm and comfort that was Paradise Regained for the poet Milton and a vision of peace and happiness recalled in war by Rupert Brooke who loved the Chiltern Hills:
Breathless we flung us on the windy hill
Laughed in the sun and kissed the lovely grass

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