Discovering Louisiana

Discovering Louisiana

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In just over s decade, C.C.Lockwood has established himself as one of the nation's outstanding nature and wildlife photographers and as the premier chonicler of the natural wonders of Louisiana and the Gulf region. Winner of the Sierra Club's Ansel Adams Award for conservation photography, Lockwood has shared his love of nature in such books as The Gulf Coast: Where Land Meets Sea and Atchafalaya: America's Largest River Basin Swamp. Lockwood's newest book, Discovering Louisiana, is a beautiful paean to the state's diverse natural habitats, from the hills and piney woods in the north to the thousand of miles of shoreline in the south.
As the more than 150 color photographs in Discovering Louisiana reveal, the state is much more than the swamps and marshes with which it is most often associated. Lockwood captures splendid views- both panaromic and intimate- of the jagged bluffs of the Tunica Hills in West Feliciana Parish; of cascading waterfalls and winding creeks in the Kisatchie National Forest in central Louisiana; and of unobstructed  autumnal vistas from the summit of Bates Mountain, near Shreveport. Lockwood travels along many of the state's scenic rivers and lakes, photographing the mist-shrouded Bogue Chitto River at dawn; the steep, sandy banks of Saline Bayou, which is bordered by towering hardwood trees; and the vast, blue expanse of Lake Pontchartrain, the state's largest lake. He returns to his beloved Atchafalaya, the swamp area that is home to a teeming abundance of wildlife that includes raccoons, nutria, alligators, snakes, turtles, egrets, herons, owls, and eagles. He travels to the state's prairies, bogs, and cheniers, which, though small in size, nonetheless are very important for the state's wildlife community. Finally, he visits the coast, where he photographsan amazing array of birds on the barrier island.

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