Colorado and The Rockies / A Picture Memory

Colorado and The Rockies / A Picture Memory

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The Spanish who explored and named Colorado couldn't find any reason to stay. The first American expeditions sent there concluded tahat the Rocky Mountains were unfit for cultivation and would never be anything more than a wasteland. Westbound pioneers found them a barrier. But as you'll see in this pages, the mountains have endured and the state of Colorado has thrived in spite of these migivings.
Its easy to appreciate why Colorado is among the most visited of all the fifty states. The Rockies soar to their greatest heights here and the land is rich in color and drama. Millions of people have discovered or rediscovered these mountains in the last few decades as they have arrived in Colorado for skiing, backpacking and climbing. And each one of them has found something more than they came for: the solitude here is beautiful, the alpine scenery some of the world's most inspring, and even the purity of Colorado air and water is a delight.
Whether you are discovering the Centennial State for the first time, or rediscovering it after many years, this book will provide the perfect memory.


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