The Story of Canada

The Story of Canada

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Imagine life a thousand years ago inside a smoky Viking house at windswept L'Anse aux Meadows. Meet fourteen-year-old Madeleine, whose quick thinking saved Fort Vercheres in 1692. Experience the excitement of a prairie buffalo hunt, and the first railway journey from coast. Share in the nation's pride at Expo 67, when we celebrated our first one hundered years.

From the epic journeys into the unknown by the first people who crossed the Bering land bridge thousands of years ago to Roberta Bondar's landmark journey into space, The Story of Canada is as vast in scope as the country itself.

The Story of Canada is full of unforgettable stories that combine humour (the Loyalist Cow), tragedy (the Halifax explosion), courage (the grit of Marie-Anne Lagimodiere), daring (Martin Frobisher's search for the Northwest Passage), and vision (the discovery of insulin).

Authors Janet Lunn and Christopher Moore tell the country's story through rich narrative, recreations of daily life, folk tales, and fascinating facts. The book is spendidly illustrated with original paintings by Alan Daniel, as well as several hundered historical photographs, maps, paintings, posters, and cartoons. The result is a highly readable history that is as beautiful as it is informative, an essential reference for every Canadian family.


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