The New America's Wonderlands / Our National Parks

The New America's Wonderlands / Our National Parks

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Infernal fountains of golden lava dance at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park... A technician whisks away millenniums of rock dust from the fossil bones of a monster in Dinosaur National Monument... Frozen rainbows shine from the stony hearts of primal trees in Petrified Forest... Youngsters muddy their feet on a "slough slog" through the Everglades...
These and other riches of our national scenic and recreation parks parade in The New America's Wonderlands. It visits the old, the new, even the hoped-for parklands. It unfolds the development of the National Park System, takes a look at environmental and management problems, and reports on park innovations, such as free shuttle buses in Yosemite that save wear and tear on both park and visitor and "hard-hat" caving that allows an intimate look at Mammoth Cave.
Come, use, and enjoy your national parks - that is the theme of this completely re-illustrated successor to the Society's best-selling America's Wonderlands. It beckons you to unspoiled regions rich in wildlife, to desert flowers and alpine blossoms. Through its 464 pages you wander among astounding roch formations in Utah canyonlands, bask amid sandy splendors of national seashores, enter a cave that seems to flicker with Stone Age cook fires, watch a life-and-death struggle between a grizzly and a caribou at Mount McKinley.
Here are adventures for many an evening's anjoyment. Tenderfeet board mules for a trip down into Grand Canyon's geologic past. A lone backpacker treks into Olympic highlands. Novice mountaineers climb the icy, crevasse-creased slopes of Mount Rainier. A landlubber rides a kayak in an unexpacted white-water thrill down the Buffalo National River.
Newer parks add their glories to this volume, from the frigid majesty of Washington state's North Cascades and the stately groves of California's Redwood National Park to the trackless wilderness of a proposed Gates of the Arctic National Park in Alaska.
Here also are facts a family needs for planning a vocation at the major parks. Special boxes tell when to go, how to get there, where to stay, what features, activities, and weather to expect. A sections on "How to Enjoy Your Vacation" will save you time and money. And a fold-up map in the back of the book details 19 of our most visited and newest parks and recreation areas.

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