Nomads of Niger

Nomads of Niger

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This extraordinary book is the first to be published about a unique and colorful people -the Wodaabe of Niger, in submads in the world, these tall, slender, handsome desert dwellers live as they have for centuries, moving their herds across a parched landscape. The central events of their lives-and the focus of this book-are two great celebrations, culminating in a beautiful and stirring sequence of festive dances.

Nomads of Niger takes the form of anarrative, concentrating on the herdsman Mokao, his wife Mowa, his brothers, and other kinsmen. The highly readable text and the breathtaking color photographs - more than 140 of them, made by Carol Beckwith over eighteen months of living among the Wodaabe - follow Mokao and his group through a year's journey. We spend a day with them at their dry season encampment., accompany them to Eggo Well and to the market palces at Intawella, move with them through their long, northbound rainy season migration, and settle down with them for the festivities that highlight their year - joyous gatherings of thousands of people and the amazing round of dance pageands that culminate in the selection of their most handsome and charismatic young men.


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