Butterflies of the World

Butterflies of the World

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Butterflies are among the planet's most majestic creatures, brillantly colored and exquisitely patterned. Lepidoptera is the second-largest order of insects, and one in ten insects in a butterfly or moth. More than 175,000 species have been spotted around the world.
Photographer Gilles Martin brings the extraordinary life of butterflies and moths to the page in this gorgeous volume. These spectacular images capture the insects' astonishing metamorphosis from caterpillar to winged adult as well as their vast diversity. The photographs are complemented by text from the animal behaviorist and nature expert Myriam Baran, who tells would-be lepidopterists everything they need to know about these animals.
Despite their beauty, many butterflies and moths are considered agricultural pests, and still more have lost their natural habitats through human ancroachment . Today many species are endengered.
From the recognizable Monarch to lesser-known types, Butterflies of the World gives readers a comprehensive look at this magnificent insect.

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