Discover America

Discover America

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Discover America has a simple theme: To really discover Amierca, vist the national parks. Where else but in breathtaking Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, are more than two billion years of Earth's story written in magnificent layers of multihued stone? Where but a Dinasour National Monument, in Colorado, do Jurassic giants still emerge fron rock? What can evoke the presence of ancient peoples as well as the mysterious cliff dwellings of Canyon de Chelly, Arizona? What can speak more eloquently of the perils of early European settlement in America than Castillo de San Marcos National Monument in St. Augustine, Florida? Or tell more haunting tales of courage and suffering than those of Maryland's Antietam National Battlefield? Or offer more poignant stories of bravery-and heartbreak-than those of the immigrants who passed through Ellis Island, New York?
Discover America offers a fresh way to explore the vast pageant of natural and human history to be found in the National Park Service's 368 national monuments, parks, battlefields, and preserves. Linking together better-and lesser-known sites, the book opens new vistas on our country's geology, prehistory, immigration, settlement, and war.

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