Western Philosophy: An Anthology

Western Philosophy: An Anthology

Satıcı: Medya Çuvalı Sahaf
Yayın Evi BlackWell Publisher (1996)
Yazar John Cottingham
Kitap Dili İngilizce
ISBN 0-631-18626-3
Özellikleri 17x24,5 ;626 sayfa
Kitap Durumu İkinci el, çok temiz
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Western Philosophy: An Anthology provides the most comprehensive and authoritative survey of the Western philosophical tradition from ancient Greece to the leading philosophers of today.
  • Features substantial and carefully chosen excerpts from all the greats of philosophy, arranged thematically and chronologically
  • Readings are introduced and linked together by a lucid philosophical commentary which guides the reader through the key arguments
  • Embraces all the major subfields of philosophy: theory of knowledge and metaphysics, philosophy of mind, religion and science, moral philosophy (theoretical and applied), political theory, and aesthetics
  • Updated edition now includes additional contemporary readings in each section
  • Augmented by two completely new sections on logic and language, and philosophy and the meaning of life