Understanding Close-Up Photography

Understanding Close-Up Photography

Satıcı: Medya Çuvalı Sahaf
Yayın Evi Amphoto Books (2009)
Yazar Bryan Peterson
Kitap Dili İngilizce
ISBN 0-8174-2719-8
Özellikleri 21,5x28 ; 160 sayfa
Kitap Durumu İkinci el, temiz
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In his sixth book, renowed photographer, popular instructor, and best-selling author Bryan Peterson challenges and inspires us to see close-up photography in new ways when we view it through his eyes. You've seen the bumblebees on vibrant flowers, but what about the fluid edge of just one petal or the colorful rusting metal at industrial sites? Even when Peterson does capture the more traditional subjects, it's done in untraditional ways - and often with minimal specialized equipment! Most important, he moves beyond the commonplaces to inspire new ways of getting close, using your lenses, and discovering unconventional subjects.

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