The Almanac of American Politics 2000

The Almanac of American Politics 2000

Satıcı: Medya Çuvalı Sahaf
Yayın Evi National Journal (1999)
Yazar Michael Barone, Grant Ujifusa
Kitap Dili İngilizce
ISBN 0-8129-3194-7
Özellikleri 22,3x15 cm., 1856 sayfa
Kitap Durumu İkinci el, temiz
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  • New: Charlie Cook - Washington's foremost political handicapper - provides an exclusive race-by-race election outlook
  • Lively, on-target descriptions for every state and congressional district in America, plus new census data, voting trends, and updated maps
  • In-depth profiles and photographs of all 50 governors and all 535 members of Congress, election results, campaign expenditures, and much more

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