REA's Problem Solvers PSYCHOLOGY

REA's Problem Solvers PSYCHOLOGY

Satıcı: Medya Çuvalı Sahaf
Yayın Evi Research & Education Association (1999)
Yazar Dr. M. Fogiel
Kitap Dili İngilizce
ISBN 0-87891-523-0
Özellikleri 17x25,5 cm., 1042 sayfa
Kitap Durumu İkinci el, temiz
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10.00 TL


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Ürün Açıklaması

A Complete Solution Guide to Any Textbook

  • For Homework, Test Preparation, Exams
  • For use with introductory and advanced texts and courses
  • Includes every type of problem that may be assigned by your instructor or given on a test
  • Each problem worked out in step-by-step detail, enabling you to understand the subject fully
  • Will save you hours of time in finding solutions to problems