Native American Dance: Ceremonies and Social Traditions
Native American Dance: Ceremonies and Social Traditions
Yayın Evi National Museum Of The American Indian Smithsonian Institution With Starwood Publishing (1992)
Yazar Charlotte Heth
Kitap Dili İngilizce
ISBN 1-53373-021-9
Özellikleri 22 x 33 cm., 196 sayfa
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The enthralling scope of Native American dance -from the Fancy dancers of the Powwow circuit and the traditional keppers of sacred Indian ceremonies to the contemporary flourishes of modern Indian choreographers- is explored in this enlightening collection of essays by leading native and non-native scholars and practitioners of dance in the Indian community.
Perhaps the most indigenous of American art forms, native dance has a rich history stretching back to prehistoric times. Most often religious in nature, and inseparable from the accompanying music, Native American dance has not only served to keep native cultures alive and thriving, but the promote intertribal communication as well. Among the most profound cultural experissions of what it means to be Indian, the dance has evolved in ways that mirror the complex changes in traditional practices among native proples adapting to life in a diverse, contemporary world.
A gathering of prominent voices, all marked by their passion for the dance, along with a wealth of illustrations (including nearly 200 in full color), gives this book a creative spirit grounded in authoritative scholarship. The premiere publication of the Smithsonian Institution's new National Museum of the American Indian, Native American Dance promises to be the landmark book on the subject for many years to come.