Business Psychology & Organisational Behaviour

Business Psychology & Organisational Behaviour

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Yayın Evi Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Publishers
Yazar Eugene McKenna
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ISBN 0-86377-305-2
Özellikleri 19x24,5 ;651 sayfa
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This is a radical revision and expansion of the succesful textbook Psychology in Business. The coverage has been extended to include Organisational Behaviour, with new chapters on Power, Politics and Conflict; Organisational Structure and Design; Organisational Culture; Organisational Change and Development; Human Resource Practices (Performance Management, Reward, Selection) ; and Hazards at Work (Ergonomic issues)
The original chapters have been thorougly updated and new metarial has been added on Intelligence and Testing; Job Deisgn; Communication; Training; Creativity; Decision Styles; Job Satisfaction and Organisational Commitment; Teambuilding; Inter-Group Bahavior; Leadership; International Issues; and Occupational Stress.
This will be an essential taxtbook for courses in business psychology and organisatioanl behaviour. However, due to its comprehensive cover-age, it will also provide an invaluable handbook for any practitioner in work psychology, organisational behaviour or personnel management.
About the auther: Dr Eugene McKenna, Professor Emeritus, University of East London, is a Chartered Psychologist and Fellow of the British Psychological Society. His academic and Consultancy interests are in Organisational Psychology and Human Resource Management.
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