Alp Peker

Sanatçı Hakkında

I take photographs for a specific reason. We humans are all expected to know what we’re supposed to do, how we should act, what we shouldn’t say. We’re expected to live up to the roles prescribed to our race, gender, age. Some men are ashamed to act feminine. Some parents never want their children to discover sexuality. There are a lot of actions we’re prevented from doing – inhibited by society, or by ourselves.

“We’re embracing our bodies, knowing our awkwardness and trusting in who we are.”

I devote myself to taking photographs of individuals who are uninhibited, or as I like to say, “disinhibited.” Individuals who are aware of their power, owning their sexuality and accepting their identities. We’re embracing our bodies, knowing ourawkwardness and trusting in who we are. We’re not held back by mainstream consciousness. And these photographs all make me believe in a greater future. A much more powerful, cooperative and trustworthy world.